Stockholm à la carte – Visites guidées en français

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Guided tours

Do you want to visit the Stockholm away from the tourist traps? Are you looking for a personal guide to show you the city at your pace? We might have the solution for you…

During the summer ’08, we extended our on-line activity with « real » guided tours in Stockholm. Our goal is not to compete with traditional tours but to bring another level of services: because everyone has different interests, we plan tours on your demand and offer private1 and personalized guidance!

Liljeholmen by night

How do we work?

If you are interested in such a personalized guided tour, the first step is to contact us (just send an email to Séverine). After that we will work as a team: you tell us what you want to see, where you want to go (archipelago, royal parcs, …) and we design a tour2 just for you.

1 – One to six persons (friends or people from the same family – we don’t mix people who don’t know each other).
2 – Please note that a tour cannot be shorter than 3 hours (based on our experience) but can go on for several days if you want to.

2 reflexions sur “In English

  1. Christine and Roland

    Thanks Severine for this Stockholm by Night. We have been living in Stockholm for years and work there every day and we knew nothing about small stairs there and narrow ways there. It was a wonderful tour!

  2. Marine and Søren

    Thank you again Séverine for showing us this incredibly charming city! We really enjoyed our tour which was a good introduction for our week end. Having a guide on your side when you don’t know the city is definitely something I would recommend. Soren does not speak French and Severine did the visit in English without a problem. Thank you also for the advice you gave us regarding the restaurant, Sturehof was a good choice for eating fish and shellfish. We also appreciate all the tips that others persons have posted on your page, quite useful!

    hope to see you again, if you pass by Copenhagen, you know where to stay!

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